Trading costs: What does investment in securities cost?

As an investor in Fertuloan, you only pay for asset management – not for trades and various follow-up transactions, which are often significant and can be difficult to see through.

One of the things that distinguish wealth management from other asset managers is that we have performance fees in many of our funds. Therefore, as an investor you can always be sure that we share your interest in creating as high a risk-adjusted return as possible.

No hidden costs in wealth management

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In addition, in all investment and capital associations, a fixed fee is paid to cover the expenses for administration, custodian bank, investment advice and management. The fee, which is officially referred to as current cost, is different from fund to fund and can be seen on the cost statement by clicking on the tab: ” Cost “.

The Fund’s auditor checks all the remuneration calculations for wealth management and reports them to the investors.


Income Fees

There is a performance fee of 10 percent for Fertuloan Optimum, Baerta, Safe, Epicur, Penta, Limitellus and Focus. For Fertuloan Merkur, the performance fee is 15 percent.

The performance fee is calculated according to the so-called High Water Mark method.

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This means that the funds only pay performance fees if the intrinsic value is higher than the last time that the performance fee was paid. The calculation takes place at the end of each month, and the latest High Water Mark is shown in the fact sheets for the individual funds.

The investment fund industry has chosen to calculate a common cost figure, JTRs, for all investment and capital funds. It is calculated on the basis of the administrative costs and the fund’s direct trading costs. Added to this are emission allowances and redemption deductions. Emission allowance and redemption allowance are distributed over the time horizon, which in the standardized JTRs is seven years.